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Playing Soccer


Grutzi Soccer is committed to the development of youth and pro soccer. We work hard and diligently to provide a nurturing, positive, inclusive, and fun environment for all of our players. Our  winter camps are open to players ages 5 to 18, birth-years between 2005-2018. These weekly training camps are open to club players, High School team players and anyone else, who is looking to improve their skills, work hard, excel, and have fun:

Specialized Training

Our Camps allow for players to recognize areas of weakness and work on them directly. Our small group sessions allow players to specifically focus on their individual talents and areas of improvement. Fundamental work is focused in small groups rather than in a larger team setting.

Coaching Expertise

Camp Directors and Coaches employ proven and unique training methods similar to the ones utilized by US Soccer and US Olympic Development Program.  

All of our soccer camp coaches have experience in both playing & coaching at a professional and/or collegiate level. Camp coaches focus on individual progression as opposed to team success.


Our Camps prepare players for their upcoming season. They can also prepare players for making their high school team.

Campers are exposed to the secrets of soccer elite.  


Our sessions are run by our top-level coaching staff at Grutzi USA who are dedicated to teaching and guiding each player to a higher level of play. Our goal is for each player to feel a sense of self-confidence, self-improvement, and to provide new inspiration to continue to play this wonderful game. Our sessions are once weekly for one hour of fun and learning. Maximum class size is 6 players for each session. Higher age groups of 15, 16 , 17 and 18 will only have 4 players per session.


Please access our camp schedules here:

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